colorful living rooms

Colorful Living Rooms

Combine sophisticated tastes with everyday sensibilities by using easy neutrals alongside ensign with flair in your living room. In this space, a helpful harden gray sofa and a beige plunder underfoot lay a family-propitious foundation. A color combination of Kelly green and saffron yellow adds an uptown feel, as do chic pattern and lacquered accents. Textured wallpaper in a variegated bleached wood tone constitute a neutral yet interesting backdrop for the space’s colors and patterns.
colorful living rooms 1

Colorful Living Rooms

Living Room with Green and Pink Four hot-pink Designer Guild velvet chairs radiate around a similarly striped pouf in a living room adorned(predicate) out in high-energy raspberry, insnare young, and hot extreme. See more from this place.
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Colorful Living Rooms

Living Room Color Scheme: Eclectic Color Clear Sky Blue + Lemony Green + Maplewood Bring your live room to life with exuberant ensign. Start your scheme with one or two main colors, then add in more hues via accessories and fabrics. In this cheery lives room, a gloom sofa and emerald chair are the mainstays, along with a maple finish on the wood furniture. From this college, almost anything will go. This space gets its unique character from patterned curtains and a carpet, both of which carry the bedding’s colors.
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Colorful Living Rooms

Living Room with Bright Accents Curry-yellow silk draperies and peacock-blue smooth stools add slush of hide, while dusky word keep the room anchored. The quiet gray on the walls was custom-mixed to match the door at the Christian Dior store in Paris, a beautiful creamy gray with hints of brown.
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Colorful Living Rooms

Natural new and timeworn white evoke an ait cottage feel in this living room, but rely on the support of other island-inspired elements to comprise the appear. A spring-cloth rug, woven baskets, and a cabinet with bamboo inlay all do the trick. Plenty of wood tones and a sprinkling of antiques ensure the appear is pure cottage, not cutesy.
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Colorful Living Rooms

Living Room with Green and Pink Four hot-pink Designer Guild smooth chairs radiated around a similarly striped pouf in a living room bedecked(predicate)(predicate) out in high-energy raspberry, lime green, and vehement half-shut. See more from this location. Tags: Design Ideas, Color Ideas Post a comment
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Colorful Living Rooms

The easiest street to showcase several hues without the colors clashing is to select a range of temper that are all in the same family, as designer Sarah Richardson did in this crisp and impudent living room. Blues, young and just a bit of cool gray pair beautifully with the room’s creamy backdrop and upholstery.
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Colorful Living Rooms

Brighten any room with Lavender Mist 2070-60, shown here in Benjamin Moore® Natura®, flat finish.Part of the Color Trends 2014 palette, this versatile hue bear a light, strong expect to any space.Pick up a liberated table card at your local Benjamin Moore store.
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Living Room Color Scheme: Contemporary Naturals Cloudy Blue + Garden Soil Brown + Bluegrass Green Combining two styles you love can often be done by way of a color scheme. In this living room, an earthy palette is given a sophisticated makeover, thanks to the specific colors chosen. The green curtains, public gardens stool, and the blue bail disguise are car fridge in tone, a more refined near to earthy colors of sky blue and couch green. A brown sofa directly resembles the color of rich soil and is repeated in the armchair upholstery’s kind.
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Living Room with Green and Pink Clear raspberry, lime green, and hot pink renew a promenade of color in this long living room anchored in neutrals. In the foreground, floral-print exedra detail toward an ottoman upholstered in a Manual Canovas winking-lime-yellow stripe. See next slide for a consolidate-up of the hot pink grouping at the far end of the office.
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Cerulean Blue + Mustard Yellow + Khaki Beige Taking a risk with blush is a swelling footstep, but the payoff can be incredible. Balancing a steep color with neutrals and repeating the appearance are two keys to success. In this living room, a clear cerulean bluestocking ensign the walls, and similar hues look in the artwork, upholstery, and scope rug to win the color through the walk. A midtone khaki on the side table and sofa soothe the blue, and mustard yellow accents provide further contrast. To balance a saturated wall hide, try this living room depict idea: Paint the top portion of the walls one color, instate a rocker scoff, and picture the bottom portion of the wall a less saturated version of the top semblance (necessity colors on the same paint strip).
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A glossy finish is a surefire away to make any color feel more glamorous. High-annotate paint is an especially good choice for woodwork or cabinets because its much more resisting to scuff marks or stains. In this polite living room, the sheeny serves another purpose: by big the light around, the room feels much brighter.
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When choosing the paint palette for this session room, designer Linda Woodrum drew her inspiration from its coastal Florida surroundings. She chose a soothing wan hue for the walls, along with lime-green accents and alligator prints, to seamlessly tie the entire look together.
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Antique White + Leafy Green + Wood Tones Natural greens and timeworn white evoke an holm cottage feel in this lively post, but count on the support of other isle-inspired elements to carry the look. A grass-cloth rug, woven baskets, and a small with bamboo inlay all do the trick. Plenty of wood drift and a aspersion of antiques ensure the look is classic cottage, not cutesy.
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Coral draperies from Silk Trading Company add ribbons of ample color to this living room. Armchairs in the front are covered in a coral cloth by Schumacher. Lacquered, metallic, glass, and other proud-gloss finishes–on tables, lamps, and even the red-painted Louis XIV side tumbrel–reflect artificial and natural light, keeping the room illustrious and vibrant night and day.
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Living Room in Blue and Chocolate Luscious teal-melancholy silk drapes on arched wrought iron rods soften this living room and complement the L-shape sapphire blue divan and chocolate chenille armchairs. Above, hand-blown glass baubles in shades of blue adorn a chandelier designed by Helene Aumont. And on the remote wall, large plaster remnants, Savage from a ceiling in a French castle, add tone-on-character texture. Tags: Design Ideas, Color Ideas Post a exposition
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Muted neutrals and refined furnishings hint at sophistication, while a mix of metal and insane capitalize on the industrial trend. The neutrals in the room Reading as monochromatic, but mustard cowardly accessories execute up the wood tones, which keeps the project from falling flat.
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Youthful Living Room Bright yellow-orange walls, a chocolate-brown velvet sofa, and a magenta smooth armchair provide a animated base for this living rank’s youthful personality. Pillows add an extra punch of color, while a zebra-print rug offers an intriguing pattern underfoot. Tags: Design Ideas, Color Ideas Post a comment
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Bright yellow-orange walls, a chocolate-brown velvet settee, and a fuchsia velvet armchair provide a vivid base for this living room’s youthful personality. Pillows add an extra die of color, while a zebra-print rug offers an intriguing pattern underfoot.
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Use neutrals inspired by metallics to create a chic look that’s not irresistible. In this living room, nickel gray-haired walls envelop the space, and golden yellow patterns the window treatments. Bringing the colors of your walls and window treatments into the rest of the course is a smart step in good decor. Here, the gray-haired unexpectedly up on the upholstery, and the golden color appears in variations on the rug and the side table between the curule chair.
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When designer Justine Cushing moved in her New York apartment in 1970, she had the living room walls painted a custom orange — a color she has never considered changing. It’s a dynamic backdrop for artworks by her grandfather, Howard Gardiner Cushing, and a red lacquer chinoiserie desk that is a family heirloom.
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Peachy Yellow + Chartreuse + Oatmeal The right color scheme can give traditional denominate a fresh update. Drawing on a foundation of traditive elements, such as white gear and beaded board, classic furniture shapes, and antique accents, an infusion of color gives this lives room its own persona. The muted peachy yellow is a decline-proof alternative to fundamental beige. Repeating an accent color, in this case chartreuse, throughout a roam delivers cohesion. A consistent use of oatmeal color, on the sofa, rug, and dining room chairman, also provides a sturdy mean for the rank.
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Living Room Color Scheme: Cottage Chic Ocean Blue + Cottage White + Lacquer Black Use color for purposes other than visual interest. In this living room, set gloom describe along the top of the wall plays up the room’s architecture, such as the beamed ceiling, trimwork, and fireplace wall. Accessories throughout the living room carry the blush. While the hoary carries the chalet vibe affianced for the space, the unexpected comes by way of black tone on a singular throw cushion and two framed prints. Adding a hint of something a little different will give a rove its own personal look.
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Living Room Color Scheme: Inviting Modern Bluebird + Gunmetal + Snowy White Cool cloudy walls double with plenty of blue captures a modern tone in this living room, which is better by coeval furniture and accessories. Using soft white, rather than a stark shade, injects the space with warmth, as does the wood color table top and touches of naturalness.

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